The Holidays are Tulsa Giving Time

Tulsa Rib Company has the good fortune of being asked to support so many great charities in our community.  As we finish out our 34th year in business, we know how truly blessed we are to not only have a thriving business but that business then enables us to help those less fortunate in our community.

At last glance, in 2015 we have helped over 100 local charities with donations.  We help youth sports, youth enrichment programs, after school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, YWCA, YMCA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters,local faith based organizations and places of worship, high school programs and athletics, food banks, cancer research, cancer support, shelters to name just a few. Each one are very special and deserve all of our support.

One of the charities in our community we have a special partnership with is our local food bank: Mary’s Kitchen.  In our early years we read about Mary trying to feed those without food and shelter down the street from our original restaurant.  After that story, it was an easy ‘give.’ mary in the kitchen

Long before there was a wonderful movement for catering companies to preserve their extra food from events to then pass to shelters, we were quietly filling Mary’s kitchen with our leftovers.

We let all of our clients who over estimated their guest counts we would be donating their extra food so others could eat.  It turned out to be a wonderful chance to share their food and Mary’s Kitchen story with our catering customers.  Many of these clients also became donors.

As we move into this Season of Giving Thanks we want to thank all of the charities we are asked to support, they do wonderful work for our community.  We especially want to thank Mary’s Kitchen because the work they do truly impacts those most in need of food and shelter.

Marys Kitchen crop

Famed LA Times Food Critic Key to Tulsa’s Early Success

Don Smith was the ‘king’ of the restaurant review for the Los Angeles Times for decades.  His words and opinions would either bring a restaurant fame and fortune or could close them down in months.  He usually stuck to the Los Angeles restaurant scene in most all of his columns.  But as fate would have it, one of his close friends was a neighbor of Tulsa Rib Company AND a rib fanatic.  This friend was one of our first customers, so he claimed and we believe.

While shopping at his market, Alpha Beta (another name from the past), this friend noticed our new sign a few store fronts down.  Since he had never found a rib joint that could match his needs, he truly believed our little restaurant was a ‘never going to be’ before we even got off the ground.  After he loaded his shopping bags into his car he swung by to take a look and give us a try.  As Tulsa Folk Lore goes, he ordered a Baby Back Rib dinner to go and could not believe how delicious the ribs were that he returned that same night with his entire family to enjoy our food.

As this article points out, he brought the famed Don Smith into the restaurant to taste for himself and this story was the result of that visit.  This article became critical for our future.  Written in the largely circulated Los Angeles Times with a huge following, his readers streamed in to taste Tulsa Rib Company for themselves.  They, too, became some of our earliest and best customers we could have ever imagined.

As the years went along, Don and this friend could be seen inside our little rib restaurant for their slice of ‘rib heaven’ as they both would claim.  Today, these ‘Don Smiths’ are viewed on social media and we are most lucky to have hundreds of ‘food critics’ become our loyal fans to bring in many more for their meals.

don smith la times critic 198204242015


Once again, we highlight a throwback article about the restaurant by a famous professional critic: Elmer Dills!  There are fun to see how the world of restaurant reviews have changed…

Restaurant critic Elmer Dills was “king” of Southern California in the 1990’s. During that era, he not only wrote a popular LA TIMES column on his food loves and hates, he created a television show about restaurants.  He turned this genre of previous anonymous writers into courted celebrities.  Where other critics went to great lengths to hide their identity in order to get a ‘real’ experience at restaurants, Elmer Dills came out from his cloak.

He had a stable of writers that helped him with his research so he could continue to have a large list of reviewed restaurants to fill both his LA TIMES column and the weekly TV show.   The article highlighted here was written by one of his staff writers.  After reading this review, he ended up coming into the restaurant after she ‘found’ us and wrote other articles for all of the Southland.

Like many of the restaurant critics that found us, he became a dedicated regular.  He loved the fact that we were a small group of young restaurant owners that wanted to simply serve great BBQ in a family atmosphere.  He understood the power of his celebrity and we benefited from that knowledge and dedication to ensure lots of folks became our regulars as well.

Elmer certainly was an innovative professional who saw the future before it arrived.  He increased the ability of the masses to take a sneak ‘eat’ at restaurants.  We now have millions of critics through social media and ‘guest column’s to help us select great restaurants that meet every taste of food and atmosphere.   We continue to be most grateful for Elmer and his pioneering peers who allowed so many to find our ‘little, unassuming’ restaurant and become one of our many precious customers we so richly appreciate.

elmer dills 198204242015

Fall Is Tail Gate Season

Although our Southern California the weather has not turned to the cooler days of fall, our favorite football teams are in the throws of their fall seasons! With this change arrives the fun football tail gate parties.  We know Tulsa Rib Company’s ribs are JUST the main dish ( sides) needed to ensure a successful party before, during and after the games.

With several TV screens in the restaurant all tuned to sports, you can bring your family and friends in to enjoy Fall BBQ food and root on your favorite team to victory (we hope?).  OR order the food to go and bring it with you to the party in the parking lot of the stadium at high school or college or of course your viewing party at home.

So you can plan ahead and not worry about long lines or busy phones, you can order your tail gate needs online through our Tulsa Rib Company APP.  Simply down load it on your iPhone, Android or Google phones and you are ready to go! AND it remembers your orders so it gets easier and easier each time you use it.

Here is to victory for _______ (put your favorite team here)!  We support them all.tulsa.020.crop great grill


High Hopes Fundraising Concert is Coming Up

high hopes our staff vip

For the 10th year, we have catered and supported the High Hopes Head Injury Non Profit’s Annual Fundraiser.  With World Famous Jazz Saxophone Musician Eric Marienthal as the head liner. This  summer concert at the Hyatt Newport helps to raise significant funds to support their services and this year Patty Austin will be joining Chuck Loeb and others.  Not only is this an absolute incredible concert each year, the cause is simply worthwhile.  Tickets are available through their website:

fruit display

So some enjoy great music, Tulsa Rib Catering and support High Hopes!

Our FIRST Retaurant Review – 1981!

Just when our little restaurant was less than one year old, in walks a marvelous couple who wrote for the Orange Park Acres “Common Talk.”  They had heard about our new little rib ‘joint’ and had to take a look for themselves.  Once this was published, we had so many folks from Orange Park Acres coming in to eat and to take out the ribs for their ‘real’ western parties with their horses!

orange park acres 198104242015-1

We still enjoy customers from Orange Park Acres and they still come in in droves and pick up our ribs for their western parties at their ranches. These types of stories in the neighborhoods truly helped give our restaurant a boost and create the loyal customers we enjoy today.

Order Tulsa Rib To Go the Easy Way!

Since Mom is usually in charge of DAD’s Day… take it easy, order our food using our APP! No need to get caught waiting on the phone or in long, long lines for Dad’s Day.  Download it on any iPhone or Android and let your fingers do the ordering. Or use your computer and click here:  Happy Father’s Day to all!!!

BBQ Fit for Dad from 1990′s still True Today!

dads bbq article

How fun was this article??? Lots!  We were the lead story with tons of pictures on a food section devoted to the BEST BBQ places to take Dad in for his special day.  These sorts of special sections regularly were published in newspapers in their heyday.  The food writer ended up being a wonderful customer who felt our menu, the high quality of our food and staff were traits that set us apart from the other choices for BBQ and boy oh boy did she help spread the word.  We now seem to be THE restaurant for thanking Dads all over the county.

Mother’s Day: Our Trick for YOU?

Wanting to order our yummy ribs to pick up?? BUT are getting busy signals from our phone lines that max out on Mother’s Day??? Here is our big tip for you and all others: order your meal online!  We have an “app” you can download that links you directly to the restaurant.  No waiting on hold and no busy signals.  Simply order what you want, we will let you know what time(s) are available and hit ‘order’ and it is DONE! Better yet, pre-order to pick up TODAY!

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Throw Back Tulsa: Professional Restaurant Critics RULED in 1982

Long before YELP, Trip Advisor, and Facebook Newspaper Restaurant Critics were THE authority on where was the best place to eat.  Once they decided a place was good, the masses followed.  When we first opened, everyone who tried our restaurant loved the food and service, but without social media it was nearly impossible to have enough customers find us fast enough to keep a restaurant open.  Even back in 1981 our customers were the best and a few of them called this Los Angeles Times critic to come give us a try.  He loved finding small, new restaurants and we fit the bill to a ‘t’! After this article published, we had more than enough customers to keep us open and the seats filled..a little note: he and his family became one of our loyal customers we cherish!

Read through this delicious article from the past:

herb bause register critic 1982